Practice Opportunities
FHO Practice w/Nurse Practitioner - Bluewater Medical Clinic, Sarnia, ON
FHO Practice - 239 George St. Sarnia, ON
Rural FHO Practice  - Thedford, ON

Relocation Incentives

Sarnia Lambton is an underserviced community according to the Ministry of Health & Long Term Care. Our Blue Coast Team understands the many tasks one must undergo to relocate their practice and their family to another community.

With this in mind, Blue Coast Primary Care - Recruitment & Retention has put together a community package of incentives for Family Physicians who relocate to our community for a 3 year Return of Service period.

Blue Coast Primary Care will cover some expenses for your visit to the Sarnia Lambton County Area so that you may see first-hand how the practice opportunities and family friendly communities will positively impact your life! Some of these expenses might include an over night stay and food costs while you are examining specific practice opportunities.

We offer a financial relocation incentive grant to Family Physicians and thanks to a very supportive community we can also provide you with other incentives from the area that will help you and your family settle in.

Bluewater Health is the corporation that oversees the hospital sites in Sarnia and in Petrolia. They offer competitive financial incentives to recruited Family Physicians who accept active hospital privileges.

If you are interested in learning more about the above practice opportunities, please contact our Recruitment Coordinator, Carly Cox at

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